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Bamboo flooring

Strand Woven Bamboo flooring is harder and stronger than conventional timber. It is produced with materials that are sourced from sustainable, fast growing bamboo plantations and is therefore also extremely eco-friendly.

The prefinished planks are clicked together and laid over a 2mm underlay in the same way as other floating floor options.

Bamboo flooring can be laid over any sound, hard and level subfloor, including concrete, timber, particle board, ceramic tiles, lino or cork.

Bamboo flooring can also be glued and secret nailed to some subfloors.

Horizontal & Vertical Bamboo

Bamboo flooring is available in horizontal or vertical construction, whereby slats of bamboo are bonded together to create a distinctive floor that highlights the "knots" of the bamboo.

This type of Bamboo flooring is available in gloss, satin or matt finish, and comes in Natural or Coffee in colour.

Strand Woven Bamboo

Strand woven Bamboo Flooring is also available semi gloss or matt finish, and comes in 10 different decorator colours, from Limewash White to Wenge Black, and everything in between!

Strand woven Bamboo Flooring is created by a process of compressing slivers of bamboo under high pressure and heat to form a material that has the highest resistance to impact damage of any flooring in Australia. (Janka Rating 15).

The flooring is then finished with 6 layers of Treffert coating, giving a highly durable surface resistant to household and commercial traffic, with a 25 year domestic wear warranty.

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Bamboo Flooring
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